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Silver Electrodes (.9999) (7 Gauge)
Our Price: 99.99

The original set of electrodes that come with each kit are considered "lifetime" as they can produces thousands of batches with very little loss of their original size and weight. These are already included in each of The SilverLungs Generator kits.

Glass Production Flask
Our Price: 29.99

Ordering additional flasks might be a wise purchase if the original glass production flask is dropped or broken.

Power Adapter (SilverLungs Generator)
Our Price: 24.99

This is a 48 volt replacement power adapter for The SilverLungs Generator which has "swappable" sockets which can be changed to match the socket type of any country in the world. Please note that this power adapter will come with a U.S. power socket by default unless you request otherwise in the order comments section during checkout!

Water Test Meter
Our Price: 24.99

This meter is vital to test the initial quality of your water and can also be used to determine the amount of dissolved ionic silver content. This item is not included with The SilverLungs Generator "Base" Kit to accommodate those who already own a proper water test meter.

Reducing Agent
Our Price: 19.99

The "reducing agent" is used to convert your ionic silver solutions into "true" colloidal silver solutions based on 90% (non-ionic) metallic silver nano-particles of pure metal. 100% non-toxic.

Flask Cleaning Brush
Our Price: 14.99

This is an additional replacement for the already included flask cleaning brush that is standard in each of The SilverLungs Generator kits.

Laser Pointer
Our Price: 14.99

A high-powered laser pointer is an indispensable tool for checking the quality of your silver solutions.

The SilverLungs User Manual
Our Price: 9.99

This is our latest user manual for The SilverLungs Generator.

Magnetic Stirring Bar
Our Price: 9.99

Ordering an additional stirring bar is a wise purchase. These are very small and easy to lose!

Rubber Stopper
Our Price: 8.99

This is an additional replacement for the already included rubber stopper which is included standard in each of The SilverLungs Generator kits.