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(20 PPM) Colloidal Silver Solution (16 oz.)
(20 PPM) Colloidal Silver Solution (16 oz.)
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Compare our 20 PPM (16 oz.) offerings to other manufacturers!

Our professional line of colloidal/ionic silver solutions cover the full spectrum of ion-to-partcile ratios and are based on no false science as most silver solution manufacturers purport.

Important! True colloidal silver is not clear. This is a common urban legend that has been long purported. True colloidal silver is (always) yellow/amber in color when between 10-20 PPM of concentration and when the particles are in the size range of 1 to 40 nanometers. Do not be misled that yellow silver solutions indicate large particles. This is absolutely false. Silver solutions that are clear and colorless are ionic silver solutions. Ionic silver solutions do not interact with visible light to cause a yellow shift (or any other shift in color) and this is evidence that these "so called" colloidal solutions are in-fact ionic, not colloidal.

Look no further for an honest and "true" silver solution in the form of ionic, colloidal or 50/50 blended. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions!

False Claims (Beware!) There is one company that claims patent(s) on their silver solution yet these are patents on their specific "process" for producing their silver solution, not on what is actually produced. By applying the patent number to their marketing (and even their product labels), this leads the consumer to think that the silver solution is something beyond regular ionic or colloidal silver. The same manufacturer also disguises the taste of the solution with chemical additives and a very mild fragrance to provide a comforting placebo effect. We have tested most silver solutions on the market that make pseudo-science false claims. Tests such as "UV Vis", TEM analysis, pH testing, etc - provide great insight into discovering "other" ingredients involved in many silver solutions on the market.

All silver solution producers (outside of SilverLungs) attempt to persuade you that their silver solution is "like no other" and cannot be made at home. Silver solution manufacturers cannot have you know that you should be making professional-grade colloidal/ionic silver right from home with a quality colloidal silver generator.

Some make ludicrous claims that their solution emits an exact "528Hz homeopathic LOVE energy." Another manufacturer claims they have "removed eight electrons from their silver atoms" and that their silver molecules "emit ultra-violet light." We have also found a company that claims they have split their silver particles so small they are in the form of a "gas" for better absorption! In a time when silver solutions are very close to being banned from over the counter sale through recent legislation, it is no wonder most colloidal silver producing companies create false science and claims to mislead the undiscerning consumer.

NOTE: 20% (4 PPM) of this solution is comprised of (measurable) silver in the ionic form while the other 80% (16 PPM) of this solution is comprised of (non-measurable) silver in the colloidal form. Only 4 PPM can be detected with a TDS water test meter as only 20% of the solution is in the measurable ionic form while the other 80% is in the non-measurable colloidal form. This means a reading of no higher than 4 PPM on a TDS water test meter. The 4 PPM of measurable ionic silver along with the other 16 PPM of non-measurable colloidal silver equates to 20 PPM of total silver in solution.