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Glass Bottle Kit (Clear)
Glass Bottle Kit (Clear)
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Product Code: GBKIT

This is a complete set of (6) glass applicators for nose, eyes, ears and topical/external administration as well as a 32 oz. glass storage reservoir. The clear glass ensures that you can always monitor the crucial yellow color of your colloidal silver solutions. If the solution ever turns clear or any other color, it has gone through a process of agglomeration or has accidentally been frozen and should not be consumed. Again, clear glassware is required to monitor the color. As far as storing ionic silver solutions in clear glassware, this is perfectly fine as well if keeping the ionic solutions out of extended UV exposure (sunlight.)

Note: If producing mostly ionic silver solutions, agglomeration is not applicable as there are ions in suspension (not particles) and ions do not agglomerate. Thus, there is no need to monitor the color of ionic silver solutions but rather you should protect them from extended UV exposure (sunlight) to preserve the ionic stability by choosing colored glassware instead.