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SilverLungs, Inc
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SilverLungs has operated since late 2008 with the express mission of providing the first and only professional approach to producing and delivering pure colloidal and ionic silver solutions safely and effectively. With thousands of silver generator kits shipped around the world, SilverLungs has clearly met the original goal of finally bringing the home-produced colloidal silver device market out of the "hobby kit" realm and into the professional market. No other manufacturer has encompassed the science, processes and delivery methods of SilverLungs and we continue to ship products worldwide with an impeccable track record of success, satisfaction and service.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime! Thank you!

- Mario Cifaldi, Founder and CEO

Please be aware we cannot provide medical advice of any nature due to Federal laws that govern the "Dietary Supplement" market. Please do not call or e-mail for information concerning any condition, illness or disease. We absolutely cannot comment.

SilverLungs, Inc
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