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Dual Storage Bottles (UV Protected)
Dual Storage Bottles (UV Protected)
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Product Code: DBB

The amber colored glass protects your ionic silver solutions from UV rays (i.e. sunlight) that can slowly degrade the ionic content within your ionic silver solution. This is only required for direct sunlight such as solutions that will be outside or in a window exposed to direct/constant sunlight. Keeping your silver solutions in a cabinet out of constant/direct sunlight eliminates your need for UV protected glassware.

Note: We also offer a clear version of this same kit that is better suited for storing "yellow" colloidal silver solutions. Clear glass ensures that you can always monitor the crucial yellow color. If the solution ever turns clear or any other color, it has gone through a process of agglomeration or has accidentally been frozen and should not be consumed. It should be discarded. Clear glassware allows the solution to be monitored whereas amber glassware will not allow the solution to be color checked before administering. This is the major drawback of having amber colored glassware vs. clear glassware.

Clear glassware is the better choice overall!